Computer Keyboard Skills using e-type

Course Description

Our Computer Keyboard Skills training course is ideal for anyone who wishes to acquire the important skill of being able to touch-type. It is suitable for anyone using any keyboard, typewriter or computer with the standard QWERTY layout.

Course Content

Both speed and accuracy will improve by following the e-type program. You only have to learn how to touch-type once in your lifetime if you learn it properly!

E-type has been designed to be a flexible and fun way to learn how to touch-type. You can learn at your own pace without any pressure and there is a chance for you to practice at home and at your PC in work. It's great for beginners as an introduction to a computer and also for those who have been using a computer for years but have developed a habit of being a two finger typist. You'll be amazed at how learning to touch-type will increase the speed at which you can use a computer.

Save Time and Money

If you are a student typing essays, a dissertation or typing during examinations, you could easily complete your work in half the time.

If you are looking to improve the productivity of your employees, this computer keyboard skills training course could save thousands of pounds.

Find out how much time and money could be saved with the Savings Estimator

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Course Duration

30 hours

Study Methods Available

Individual Tuition
Distance Learning


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