Legal Secretarial Skills Diploma - OCR Level 3

Course Description

Designed for individuals who wish to gain comprehensive secretarial skills and put them into practice in a legal environment, using Microsoft Office applications.

Course Content

  • Develop your keyboard skills
  • Master advanced audio transcription techniques
  • Learn word processing skills using Microsoft Word to advanced level
  • Gain an advanced knowledge of spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel
  • Learn to create professional presentations to an advanced level using Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Learn about databases using Microsoft Access
  • Prepare for 7 OCR subjects, as follows:
  • Text Production Level 3 (3932)
  • Legal Word Processing Level 3 (3935)
  • Legal Audio Transcription Level 2 (6980)
  • Legal Text Processing Level 1 (6970)
  • Speed Keying Level 3 (3937)
  • Document Presentation Level 3 (3934)
  • Business Presentations Level 2 (6977)

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Course Duration

275 hours

Study Methods Available

Individual Tuition


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