OCR / RSA Audio Transcription Level 3

Course Description

This course was designed to prepare students for the Audio Transcription unit (ref. 03933), part of the OCR Level 3 Text Processing (Business Professional) range of qualifications.

Course Content

The course involves using audio transcription equipment and a word processing package to produce and print a variety of business documents including letters, minutes, itineries, adverts, reports and articles.  It also includes emphasising text, changing margins and indents, page numbering, producing a table, routing multiple copies and changing line spacings.

A Workbook is provided for this course, which is an excellent source of reference material once the course has been completed.


OCR has taken the decision to withdraw this qualification. We are offering equivalent certification options.

Students who successfully complete an end of course assessment will be awarded the Act Assessed Certificate (AAC).

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Word Level 3

or equivalent knowledge.

To get the most from this course, students should have access to a foot pedal to play back the audio recordings. We are happy to provide advice on this.

Course Duration

15 hours

Study Methods Available

Individual Tuition

Distance Learning


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