Dreamweaver Level 1

Course Description

Dreamweaver Level 1 is hands-on course that will introduce you to the basics of the Adobe Dreamweaver Web development application

Course Content

Lesson 1: Dreamweaver Basics
Internet Access and HTML
The Dreamweaver Environment
Previewing in a Browser
Viewing and Managing HTML Code
Lesson 2: Creating a Basic Web Page
Creating and Formatting Text
Saving and Titling Web Pages
Working with Images
Lesson 3: Designing a Web Site
Defining a Web Site
Working with the Site Window
Working with Templates
Lesson 4: Working with Text
Importing Text
Character Formatting
Paragraph Formatting
HTML Styles
Lesson 5: Working with Links
Links within a Site
Working with External Links
Lesson 6: Working with Images
Importing Images
Resizing Images
Using Images as Links
Lesson 7: Working with Tables
Creating Tables to Line Up Text
Changing Table Layout
Formatting Text in Tables
Table Attributes
Using Tables for Layout
Lesson 8: Building a Site with Frames
Creating a Frameset
Defining Frame Size
Adding Content to a Frameset
Specifying Frame Link Destinations
Lesson 9: Uploading a Web Site
Checking the Site
Uploading the Site

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Computers for Beginners or equivalent knowledge.

Course Duration

7.5 hours

Study Methods Available

Individual Tuition
Group Training
Distance Learning
Please contact us.

Follow-on Courses

Dreamweaver Level 2
HTML5 Level 1
HTML5 Level 2

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