Computer Keyboard Skills using e-type

Course Description

Our Computer Keyboard Skills course is ideal for anyone who wishes to acquire the important skill of being able to touch-type. It is suitable for anyone using any keyboard, typewriter or computer with the standard QWERTY layout.

Course Content

Both speed and accuracy will improve by following the e-type program. You only have to learn touch-typing once in your lifetime if you learn it properly!

E-type has been designed to be a flexible and fun way to learn how to touch-type. You can learn at your own pace without any pressure and there is a chance for you to practice at home and at your PC in work. It's great for beginners as an introduction to a computer and also for those who have been using a computer for years but have developed a habit of being a two finger typist. You'll be amazed at how learning to touch-type will increase the speed at which you can use a computer.

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Course Duration

30 hours

Study Methods Available

Individual Tuition
Distance Learning

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