ACT Level 2

Course Description

Students will learn advanced ACT! skills including performing mail merges and mass email merges.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Advanced queries and lookups
Advanced queries
Lookups by example
Company lookups
Group lookups
Opportunity lookups
Other lookups

Lesson 2: Mail merge
Document templates
Personalizing document templates
Performing a mail merge

Lesson 3: Document and file management
The Documents tab
File attachments

Lesson 4: Mass e-mail messages
E-mail templates
Mass e-mail merges

Lesson 5: Advanced activities
The Task List
Activity types and priorities
Multiple activities
Scheduling an activity series
ACT! and Outlook activities

Lesson 6: Calendar settings
Workgroup calendar features
Calendar and scheduling preferences
Printing a calendar

Lesson 7: Opportunity management
Viewing opportunities
Adding and removing opportunities
Exporting opportunities to Excel
The opportunity process
Maintaining a product list

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ACT Level 1

or equivalent knowledge.

Course Duration

7.5 hours

Study Methods Available

Individual Tuition

Group Training

Distance Learning


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