Act Level 1

Course Description

Students will learn the basic skills necessary to begin using Act, including working with contacts and groups.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting started
Introducing ACT!
Closing databases

Lesson 2: Working with contacts
My Record
Creating and deleting contacts
Secondary contacts
Names and salutations
Inserting notes
Attaching files to a contact

Lesson 3: Companies and divisions
Adding and removing companies
Managing companies
Managing divisions

Lesson 4: Simple lookups
Performing simple lookups
Special lookups
Modifying lookups
Keyword searches

Lesson 5: Contact List view
Using Contact List view
Lookups in Contact List view
Customizing Contact List view
Integrating Microsoft Excel

Lesson 6: Groups
Creating and deleting groups
Changing group membership
Working with groups

Lesson 7: Activities
Calendar views
Scheduling activities
Completing activities

Lesson 8: Letters
Letter preferences
Template-based letters

Lesson 9: E-mail with Outlook
E-mail preferences
Composing e-mail messages in ACT!
Recording e-mail histories

Lesson 10: ACT! and the Internet
Web integration
Maps and driving directions

Lesson 11: Reports
Contact reports
Group and company reports
Opportunity reports
Printing an address book

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Computers for Beginners

or equivalent knowledge.

Course Duration

7.5 hours

Study Methods Available

Individual Tuition

Group Training

Distance Learning


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